Makani Power

Identity refresh for Makani Power, a company working to make clean energy accessible for everyone, 
now owned by Google.

Made at Land & Space with Ed Nacional and Upperquad.


Unselected identity for Amino, a San Francisco based digital healthcare startup. Amino built a search platform powered by healthcare transaction data from 188 million Americans to make it easier for consumers to locate a doctor or specialist.

Made at Sunset City. To see where we took the final identity, view the full project here.



Identity for Shake, a product that makes it easy to create, sign and send legally binding agreements.

Made at Land & Space with Ed Nacional.


Identity for Sunfolding, an innovative solar tracking project from Otherlab.

Made at Sunset City.

Tip Top

Identity for Tip Top, an app to help you find the best of something

Made at Land & Space with Ed Nacional and Fictive Kin.


Unselected identity for mobile health insurance company.

Made at Sunset City.


Unselected identity for Los Angeles based, art-deco inspired coffee shop and truck.

Made at Sunset City.