by Google

Google tasked the amazing talent at Pemberton to help conceive and design a new marketing education platform pilot called Primer. I was brought on board to develop a brand and color system worthy of this ambitious product.


"We brought Eric in to help create the graphic identity for our Google Primer project. We are big fans of Eric’s work and were instantly impressed by his level of comprehensive skill. Eric is a valuable asset, not only in terms of executing interesting design, but the thinking and methodologies behind how he approaches his work.”

–Taylor Pemberton, Principle @ Pemberton


Pemberton Team:
CD – Taylor Pemberton
AD – Dylan Ousley







The Brand Mark

The brand mark captures the excitement of the onset of a new process, the waving of the green flag to signal the start.


The Color System

The color system was strategically organized to scale along with the product. As new lessons are added, new color combinations based on the formula are revealed, allowing for growth while maintaining brand consistency.